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Paradise Bay (North Coast)

Saturday 16th January 2021

North Coast Hike

In the country area of Blanchisseuse we embark on a remarkable hike that is great for the kids and the not so fit to a very little known beach that is ideal for that away from everything for the day.



Shangri-La Bay (North Coast)

Sunday 24th January 2021

North Coast Hike

An unforgettable day awaits you. Trekking all the way on pleasant terrain to a very secluded beach. After sea bathing, we hike to another secluded beach where a sumptuous fish gourmet lunch is served.



Picnic In The Pines

Sunday 31st January 2021

A Family Affair

Up in the remote summit of Mount Tabor, located above Mount Saint Benedict Abbey in St. Augustine is the ideal location for the great gathering of family where we enjoy the vistas of our entire surroundings while we chat and enjoy soft beverages provided by yours truly and snacks bought by you.



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The "RAW" Beauty of Trinidad


Sunset at Chaguaramas

    Lunar....Tics Event


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NTITT is not covered by any general insurance policy against the loss of any personal effects, injury or death, nor does it undertake to arrange such insurance for specific events.

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