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Mount Tamana Evening Trek

Saturday 01st May 2021


    $100. Per Hiker


Due to the unfortunate circumstances in Trinidad and Tobago regarding the ongoing "Pandemic", until Sunday 23rd May, no hikes or tours will be conducted during this period.

Thank you for understanding and please stay safe and be the exemplar.

The "RAW" Beauty of Trinidad


Sunset at Chaguaramas

    Lunar....Tics Event


In taking part in NTITT's activities & events, I understand and agree to that:

I alone will take the full responsibility for my own safety on any given hike or event.

I alone am responsible for assessing in advance all the risks pertaining to activities including my own ability and in accepting information from the organizer. I do so on the understanding that I must verify it for myself.

NTITT is not covered by any general insurance policy against the loss of any personal effects, injury or death, nor does it undertake to arrange such insurance for specific events.