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In history, right here in Trinidad, we humbly thank our fore-parents who worked very hard on this very island in transforming her from being totally forested back in the very early days into "Cocoa Estates" up in the mountains of the Northern Range and the "Sugar Estates" in the lowlands of the Central Plains. In those days, the laborers all lived on the estates, as traveling from home to work was often miles away, and transport was also very hard to come by. These cocoa estates back then were scattered all over the very rural parts of the Northern Range.... all the way to Toco (North-eastern tip of Trinidad) from Chaguaramas (Western Peninsula), and also along the North Coast, from Mission Village (East of the North Coast) heading westward to as far as Blanchisseuse Village (West of the North Coast).

Today, 95% of the cocoa estates are completely abandoned, and left is only the forest slowly taking back her rightful place once again. Today, what we see are only remnants of what life used to be back in the olden days......what we see are abandoned cocoa houses, old bridal trails that the donkeys and people  traversed, abandoned gardens and neglected cocoa fields. Today, thanks much once again to our fore-parents and their hard work, these old bridal roads are now nature trails, leading from one village to the next, trails leading us to beautiful waterfalls, mountain tops, river courses, offering great vistas of the different valleys, and secluded beaches.

The Northern Range in history that goes back millions ago, was part of the Andes chain of mountains of South America back when Trinidad was a part of Venezuela.........yes, Trinidad is more South American than the Caribbean and one can see why, as we are the most southerly island in the Caribbean. Our forest can easily be compared to that of the world famous Amazon forest. Trinidad's forest easily has the most variety and diversity of animals, amphibians, birds, reptiles, insects, plants, flowers, ferns, shrubs and other aspects of life in the forest than any other island in the Caribbean. Once again, many thanks to our South American neighbors, Venezuela.

Popular Hiking Trails of the Northern Range

Numerous nature trails in Chaguaramas (Western Peninsula)

El Tucuche (second tallest peak of Trinidad and Tobago)

El Cerro del Aripo (tallest peak of Trinidad and Tobago)

Rio Seco Waterfall (Salybia)

Guanapo Gorges (Heights of Guanapo)

Lalaja and Sombasson Waterfalls (Grand Caura Valley)

Double Rivers and Madamas Waterfalls (Madamas Valley)

Lower North Oropouche Gorge (Valencia)

Balandra Basin (Balandra)

Popular Hiking Trails of the North Coast

Paria Bay & Waterfall (Paria Bay)

Grand Fond Waterfall & 3 Pools (Blanchisseuse Village)

Yarra Gorge (Yarra Village)

Habio and Chorro Waterfalls (Rincon Village)

Angel Waterfall (Zorro Village)

Maraquete, Balata, Cyril, Peechon, Negmawah, Mal d'Estomac, Saut D'Eau Beaches (North Coast)

Homad Waterfall (Grand Riviere Village)

Anglais Road to L'Anse Noire Walk (Cumana and L'Anse Noire Villages)