Paria Bay and Waterfall.

7 Jul. 18

Paria Bay and Waterfall.


Meeting place: "The Look-Out" on the North Coast Road, before Maracas Bay.

Meeting time: 7:00am SHARP!!!!!

Cost of hike: $100.TTD per hiker

Please read the "ATTIRE" segment to adhere to kindly.

NOTE: This hike is a two way (return) and NOT hike to Paria Bay and Boat return.

Embrace this double feature: Paria Beach and Paria Waterfall.

The hike to Paria Bay is on a trail, which is a perfect combination of uphill, flat and downhill walking throughout. On arriving at Paria Bay, a majestic natural rock known as Cathedral Rock or Paria Arch is fittingly positioned to welcome or greet hikers at the beach's entrance. Walk along beach to another entrance that leads to the celebrated Paria Falls. Swim or just view this mesmerizing waterfall.

The first leg of this hike starts off from the Spring Bridge which is 52 feet (16 meters) above sea level. We trek along a wide and very clear dirt track for the next 2 miles. Hat or cap and a good supply of drinking water is necessary as we will be exposed to the sun for a great deal of the way. This first leg brings us at a semi secluded beach known as "Last Port Bay".... a great stop off for a drinks break.

Second leg of this trek is all along a beautiful and well kept nature trail all along the coastal forest where you will be well shaded from the blazing sun all the way until we come to another popular point known as "Turtle Rock". This rock stands at 59 feet (18 meters) above sea level and beautiful panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea and its rugged natural coastline is on display. Another great drinks stop.

The third and final leg is a short trek which finally brings to the well known and popular "Paria Bay" with its natural and beautiful "Paria Arch" standing majestically to greet you. Another short walk along the beach will bring you on to another trail that finally leads to "Paria Waterfall" which stands at 23 feet (7 meters) above sea level.


View beautiful vistas on top "Turtle Rock"

Quick stop off on a secluded beach along the way

Walk through great forest and view the sea along the trail


Wear long/short trousers. Whatever your preference.

Wear tops with long/short sleeves. Certainly no sleeveless please.

Wear hiking shoes or even trainers with good grips on the soles.

Bring along a backpack because hands must always be free.

Wear a hat/cap; whatever your preference especially for the first leg of the trek.

Bring mosquito repellant especially if your skin is sensitive to mosquito bites.

Bring along a change of clothing which will be left in the vehicles.



$100.TTD per hiker


Between 2 hours to 2.5 hours (One way)