Cyril Bay

30 May. 19

Cyril Bay



Meeting Place: "The Pillars", North Coast Road

Meeting time: 7:00am SHARP

Cost: $75.TTD per person 

Estimated completion time: 1:00pm


Welcome to another gem of North Coast, "Cyril Bay" which is on the route to Maracas Bay. This steady downhill trail starts on  North Coast Road. It is a distinct trail throughout, with relics of old houses.

This beach is sheltered, thereby making the water supremely inviting. Both swimmers and non-swimmers will be in their glee.  Hikers can fish on a rock that has worked its way deep into the waters over years. A small overhead waterfall is a welcomed feature which invites a fresh water shower before returning. It's simply invigorating!!



Fantastic vistas of the Caribbean Sea along this trail to the beach

Relax, fish, and walk on a large and long rock along the sea .

Swim in  calm waters.

Enjoy a fresh water shower under a small waterfall before returning.


Wear comfortable clothing of your choice.

A light back pack with water, light snacks.

Mosquito repellent if you insist.

A hat will help part of the way where there is exposure to the sun.

A change of clothing to be left in the vehicle in the event you need to change upon completion of the hike.



$75.TTD Per Hiker


6 hours maximum