Salt & Fresh Boat Tour (West)

13 Oct. 18

Salt & Fresh Boat Tour (West)


Sea conditions for this coming Saturday looks very encouraging according to the MET Office hereby resulting to the tour being on. Encouraging news.

From the "Look-Out" after meeting and registering, we drive on to "Damian Bay Hotel" where our vehicles will be safely parked. We then take a short walk to meet our awaiting vessels at Damian Bay which is the most sheltered beaches along the North Coast where boarding and disembarking is very safe.


From Tyrico Bay, we board the boats and the tour immediately begins where the majestic views of Tyrico and Maracas Bays from outside the Caribbean Sea take a whole different perspective. We sail immediately to the furthest beach "Saut D'Eau Bay" where swimming at this secluded and beautiful cove is great. The view of Saut D'Eau Island from this beach stands majestically.

From Saut D'Eau Bay, we sail slowly in front "Mal D'Estomac Bay, Negmawah Bay, Peechon Cove, and Russell Bay" before we dock at our second beach, the well known "Cyril Bay" where swimming here is indeed fantastic. There is also a small waterfall on the beach offering a bit of the "Fresh" aspect of the tour. For fishing lovers, you can bring along your line and hooks and try your luck.

From Cyril Bay, we continue our journey past "Lovers Bay" before out last stop at beautiful "Balata Bay" where we have the affordability to swim at the large bay and a neat little cove next to the beach for the folks who don't like the sun. Astounding views of the mountains and natural rocky coastlines all around us.

From Balata Bay, we sail past "Maraquete Bay" before making our way back to Tyrico Bay ending an enthralling day.



Beautiful and natural beaches

Fantastic rugged coastlines


Beach/swim wear

Bring along a change of clothes to be left in vehicle



$350.TTD per person

Children 12 years and under: TTD $300.

Children under 6 years are not allowed on this trip

Payments MUST be made in advance to be assured of a place on this tour.

NOTE: Cost includes: Boat fare, Soft beverages, Professional Tour Guide Services


8 hours