Lluengo to Zorro Villages via Angel Waterfall

2 May. 19

Lluengo to Zorro Villages via Angel Waterfall


A beautiful nature trail awaits you. Trek through abandoned Tonkabean and Cocoa Estates all the way along an old bench road all the way to the local famed "Cross" that overlooks Las Cuevas Bay. Continued trekking all the way to the little known "Angel Waterfall" where the water is re freshening and well deserved after an invigorating walk. The last leg of the trek takes us to "Zorro Village" and ultimately back to the "Old Paria Main Road" where transportation awaits our arrival.

A total of 5.7 miles will be accomplished and with good steady trekking, total time will take for the most 4 hours 45 minutes, including a shortstop over at the waterfalls.

Elevation at the start of the hike is 889 feet (271 meters).

First major stop point to regroup is at the historical "Cross" overlooking Las Cuevas Bay where elevation is 1,873 feet (571 meters).

Elevation at Angel Waterfalls Junction is 791 feet (241 meters).

Angel Waterfalls is 607 feet (185 meters) above sea level.

Upon completion of the hike, elevation at Zorro Village is 49 feet (15 meters).

Maximum elevation throughout the journey is 1,923 feet (586 meters).



Fantastic nature trail all the way.

Great vistas of the Caribbean Sea along the way.

Picking of cocoa along the way to add that extra bit of natural sugars into your system.

A beautiful waterfall to enjoy.


Wear long/short trousers ..... Your choice.

Wear long/short sleeve tops. No sleeveless tops please.

Wear hiking shoes/trainers with good grips under the soles. Absolutely no slippers or sandals please.

Wear hat or baseball cap which will be useful especially in the areas of exposure to the sun.

Use a  backpack thereby keeping both hands totally free.

Bring along mosquito repellent. Optional

Bring a change of clothing which will be left in the vehicles.



TTD $250. per hiker


4 - 5 hours (Pending on your fitness condition)