Manulot Fitness Hike

1 Jan. 17

Manulot Fitness Hike


Trek through emerald green waters and hike on limestone rocks on this very challenging hike. "Manulot Rapid" is stunning and is surrounded by green vegetation. Stamina is key on this hike.

Welcome to Thomas Trace Matura Village, North-eastern Trinidad. The fitness hike starts on a wide gravel road with pine trees embracing both sides. Trek into natural forest on a gradual uphill trail to the top of a ridge. The terrain is undulating before heading downhill a very slippery trail. Cross the stream and venture uphill and after, descend to "Matura River". Here change into river shoes as the river trek starts.

Encounter slippery rocks on a upstream trek to "Manulot Rapid" where swimming is fabulous. Trek through familiar territory, change into land shoes and venture on another uphill route along beautiful terrain to the ridge. Towering pine trees surround the trail on approaching "Toco Main Road". From here, walk through Matura Village and back to Thomas Trace. 



Trek through emerald green waters

Hike on limestone rocks along the way.

Start of the hike to upper Matura River: 4 miles (6.44 km).

Start of the hike to Manulot Rapid: 6.5 miles (10.46 km).

Circuit hike from start to finish: 14.95 miles (24.06 km).


Wear long/short trousers......your choice.

Wear long/short sleeve tops.…. Your choice.

Wear a cap or hat, because exposure to the sun is inevitable hiking through certain areas.

Wear hiking shoes/trainers with good grips under the soles. No slippers or sandals please.

Use a backpack thereby keeping both hands totally free.

Bring along mosquito repellent.

Please bring a change of clothing which will be left in the chartered maxi taxi.




All-inclusive covers full lunch, dessert, beverages and professional hiking services


10 hours