Caura Village to Las Cuevas Bay

1 Jan. 17

Caura Village to Las Cuevas Bay


   Nestled in Caura Village is a trail that leads to the ever exceptional Las Cuevas Bay. The hike commences on Caura Royal Road into a private road that leads to a dirt trail, a  couple stream crossings, and eventually uphill trekking. 

   At the summit, trek along undulating terrain to the bench road: Brasso Santo Trail. Along this trail take another to Las Cuevas Bay. Swim or walk along the beach.



Beautiful mountain views from the valley of Caura

Beautiful views of the Caribbean Sea as we near Las Cuevas


  • Wear hiking shoes or even trainers, with good grips on the soles.
  • Bring mosquito repellent especially if your skin is sensitive to mosquito bites.
  • Wear long/short trousers with long/short sleeves tops.  Your preference. Do not wear sleeveless please.
  • Use a Backpack thereby having both hands free at all times.
  • Wear a hat/cap; whatever your preference, especially for the first leg of the trek.
  • Bring a good supply of drinking water, juices, fruits, sandwiches, snacks and even hard candies to get that bit of energy.
  • Bring a change of clothing which will be left in the chartered maxi taxi.




All-inclusive covers transport, full meal, beverages and professional hiking services



8 hours