Madamas Gorge Extreme

1 Jan. 17

Madamas Gorge Extreme


Assemble at 5:00a.m. sharp. It's an early start to a long but exciting day.  6 - 7 hours of river trekking. Experience serenity, cool surroundings, numerous emerald green river gorges, beautiful coastal beaches of Madamas and Grande Tacaribe, plus a pirogue (boat) ride from Grande Tacaribe Bay to Blanchisseuse Village. That's the menu!! Wanna taste? Fitness level ought to be tiptop to embark on this hike. Life jackets will be provided. 

Promptly, at 6:00a.m., the hike starts at Brasso Seco Junction. The trek begins on asphalt road before entering forest. The terrain is relatively flat for the most. Cross a stream and continue hiking until a broad trail comes to an end. There behold the deep forest of Madamas. The anticipated river trek begins after crossing another stream. Trek through shallow waters for about (45) minutes to "Macajuel Pond". THERE IS NO TURNING BACK FROM HERE.

It is important to note that river trekking to the beach takes about 6 - 7 hours, so dress appropriately, i.e., LONG TROUSERS AND LONG SLEEVE UNDER ARMOUR TOPS.

Upon reaching Madamas Bay, a (45) minute trek along undulating terrain leads to Grande Tacaribe Bay where the pirogue (boat) awaits. A 25 minutes boat ride ends at Blanchisseuse Village.



Fantastic emerald green river gorges

Beautiful coastal beaches of Madamas and Grande Tacaribe

Pirogue ride from Grande Tacaribe to Blanchisseuse


Wear long trousers ONLY.

Wear long sleeve  tops....HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Wear hiking shoes/trainers with good grips under the soles. No slippers or sandals please.

Use a backpack hereby keeping both hands totally free.

Please bring a change of clothing which will be left in the chartered maxi taxi.

Everything in your bag WILL get food or sandwiches MUST be properly stored in double or even triple waterproof storage bags.

Pack ONLY what you NEED and NOT what you WANT.

Life jackets will be provided.




 All-inclusive covers full meal, dessert, beverages and professional hiking services


12:00 hours

Assemble at 5:00a.m. SHARP

Hike MUST start from Brasso Seco Junction at 6:00am SHARP