North Coast Beach Hopping

1 Jan. 18

North Coast Beach Hopping



We meet at the "Look-Out" on the North Coast Road, leading to Maracas Bay at 7:00am SHARP. Once everybody is present, we then depart the Look-Out and drive on to Blanchisseuse where within the vicinity of the Police Station, we park our vehicles and proceed to the Fisherman's Facility and board our awaiting boats that will accompany us for the day on our beach expedition.

Our first beach stop off is at the well known "MADAMAS BAY". At this unique beach, we can enjoy the best of both worlds right here.......fabulous sea bathing and/or great river swimming at the very nearby Madamas River meeting the sea. The river water is virtually emerald green and the bottom of this river is literally sea sand making here the perfect bathing spot. We will be spending for the most 1 hour 30 minutes here.

Our second beach stop off is at another well known "GRANDE TACARIBE BAY". This beach is the longest beach of our five stop offs. This beach affords a great walk from end to end while admiring its natural and beautiful rugged coastline plagued by the vast amount of coconut trees surrounding this beach. Great sea bathing also for those desirous of instead having a swim. We will be spending for the most 1 hour at this beach.

Our third beach stop off is at the most popular and visited beach "PARIA BAY". As we dock at this beach, we will be taking a 25-30 minute hike through the coastal forest to the ever popular Paria Waterfall where great bathing at this pool is the highlight of this visit. For those preferring to stay at the beach can do so by relaxing at the river mouth that meets the sea where once again, great sea/river bathing is afforded. We will be spending for the most 2 hours at this beach. 

Our fourth beach stop off is at another very secluded beach known as "SENNA BAY" which is located next to the well-known Turtle Rock. This small and cozy beach is a charm for all who visit here. Fantastic bathing here and the ambience of this beach is really infectious. We will be spending for the most 1 hour at this beach.

Estimated time back at Blanchisseuse for the very latest is between 3:30- 4:00pm.

  1. Advanced payments for this expedition is a MUST. Interested parties can email at or call 740-2860 for banking information.
  2. Persons wishing to register by using "CREDIT CARD" can simply click on the "REGISTER" button and follow the simple instructions.



Great blue waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Thousands of coconut palm trees surrounding the beaches, together with natural rugged rocks to add to the splendor. 

Beautiful river bathing at both Madamas and Paria Bays. 

Great waterfall bathing at the Paria Falls.


Short trousers

Sleeveless tops/long sleeve tops for those who have problems with the hot sun



Change of clothing (to be left in the vehicles)

Sun tan lotion/sun block

Shoes that you can afford to get wet, especially when boarding the boat from Blanchisseuse.



$300. TTD per person

Ices and disposable drinking cups will be provided.

You bring along your foods, snacks and soft beverages.


9 hours

7:00am - 4:00pm