Gasparillo Village to Maracas Bay via Loango Hill


Meeting point: Eric Williams Medical Science Complex, Mount Hope

Meeting time: 7:00am SHARP

Vehicles are parked at the complex and we board our awaiting 15 seater maxi

Maxi departs Mount Hope at 7:15am SHARP. Late comers......until next time.

Bus drop off at Gasparillo Village in Santa Cruz

Bus pick up at Maracas Bay and drop back off at Mount Hope

Estimated drop off at Mount Hope at 2:30pm LATEST


Cost includes: Bus transport, hike fee, bake and shark sandwich and a soft beverage.

Details of the Hike

1. Hike starts with a constant uphill trek all the way to the summit, (1,329 feet) and distance covered is 2 miles.

2. At the summit, we veer off to the right heading further uphill through forest until we reach at a clearing.

3. At the clearing, further trekking this time up a steeper hill until we reach at the foot of forest again.

More uphill trekking up steep terrain once again until at last, we are on top of the highest peak, Mount Vigie, (2,083 feet) and distance covered at this point is 2.7 miles.

4. From Mount Vigie, we begin our steady decent until we eventually reach to the summit of Loango Hill which separated Maracas St Joseph Village from Maracas Bay. Altitude here is (1,650 feet) and distance covered here is 3.2 miles.

5. From the summit, it is a steep and steady downhill trek all the way until we eventually reach at the bottom of Loango Hill and welcome to "Grand Fond Village" in Maracas Bay and a further flat road trek until at last, we eventually reach to Maracas Bay where our hot bake and shark sandwiches awaits us at Uncle Sams. Distance to the end at Maracas Bay is 2.3 miles and complete distance covered from start to finish is 10.2 miles. Not bad at all to start off the New Year right.

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Appropriate Attire

Wear long trousers/shorts and long / short sleeve tops. Sleeveless tops are not recommended.      

Wear  hiking shoes/trainers with good grips under the soles. No slippers please.

Use a backpack so both hands will be free.

Bring mosquito repellent.

A change of clothing is a MUST which will be left in our chartered bus.