Cumaca Cave (Oilbird Experience)

Cumaca Cave (Oilbird Experience)


Best time for this hike: January - December

The rating of this hike in general is (5) moderately challenging

Welcome to the "Home of the only nocturnal Palm Eating Bird in the world.....GUACHARO or DIABLOTEH, commonly known as the "OIL BIRD". A really rugged territory, deep in the Northern Range leads into a cave that is very unique by its standards.

Firstly, drive on dirt road to the quarry. Beyond this area,  dirt road becomes narrower and rougher, which makes driving very tedious for about 5 to 6 miles up to the commencement of this hiking expedition.

The average hiker should take about 2.5 hours (one way) considering distance and constant gentle uphill trek to the cave. Forest trekking eventually ends in an opened grassy area which signifies the last leg before reaching Cumaca cave. 

At the entrance, audibly hear distinct cries of “Guacharos- Oil birds”. Zip out flashlights and start cave exploring in river water. Remember to wear long trousers.

Now totally inside, hear the deafening cries of Oil-birds as they flutter around. The cave has many chambers to explore but the population of birds diminishes deeper into the chambers. Celebrate this experience!!

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Explore the Cave and View the Oil-birds.

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ONLY wear long trousers.

Wear long/short sleeve tops.…. Your choice.

Wear cap or hat, especially for the cave exploration.

Wear hiking shoes/trainers with good grips under the soles. No slippers or sandals please.

Use a backpack thereby keeping both hands totally free.

Bring along mosquito repellent.

MUST bring a change of clothing. It will be left in the vehicles.

Definitely walk with a flashlight.

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TTD $1,650.

10 persons maximum



(1- 4 persons): TTD $745.

(5- 10 persons): TTD $1,275.

To be guaranteed of services 50% down-payment (non-refundable) MUST be paid in advance.

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9 hours.

Pick up time Monday to Sunday: 7:00am

Drive time from P.O.S. to Cumaca Village - 2.5 hours

Duration to Cumaca Cave (one way) : 2 hour 15 minutes
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