Peechon Cove

Peechon Cove


Ideal time for this hike: May - November 

Rating of this hike for the average person of reasonable fitness is (5) moderately challenging.

Embrace the ambience, sit on rocks and reflect or take a leisurely swim. This beach is the 4th of (9) beaches along North Coast that is situated on route to Maracas Bay. A cozy beach front and overall infectious ambience awaits a small group at Peechon. The 35 minutes trail starts on North Coast Road, then downhill through natural forest.

The adventure seeker could stand on a ledge, which is about 35 feet above sea level and safely plunge into inviting waters of the Caribbean Sea.

A small waterfall provides an opportunity for a shower before returning on an uphill trek.

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Admire beautiful, secluded beach.

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  • Wear hiking shoes or even trainers, with good grips on the soles.
  • Bring mosquito repellent especially if your skin is sensitive to mosquito bites.
  • Wear long/short trousers with long/short sleeves tops.  Your preference. Do not wear sleeveless please.
  • Use a Backpack. This is imperative because both hands must be free at all times.
  • Wear a hat/cap; whatever your preference, especially for the first leg of trekking.
  • Bring a good supply of drinking water, juices, fruits, sandwiches, snacks and even hard candies for energy.
  • Bring a change of clothing which will be left in the vehicles.
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TTD $1,100. 

10 persons maximum 


(1- 4 persons): TTD $385.

(5- 10 persons): TTD $950. 

To be guaranteed of services 50% down-payment (non-refundable) MUST be paid in advance.

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6 hours

Pick up time Monday to Sunday: 8:00am

Drive time from P.O.S. to North Coast Road - 45 minutes

Duration from start to the beach: 45 minutes
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