Ultimate Camping Experience

Ultimate Camping Experience


Are you adventurous and possess a passion for nature? Then this camping expedition was created with you in mind. This expedition offers a true mixture of total seclusion on "North Coast Trinidad" where access to beaches are solely by hiking or taking a boat.  Hike deep in the "Northern Range" where only a seasoned hiker and nature lover can be afforded the opportunity to truly unite with nature.


Day 1 -: This expedition starts at a very remote village of Matelot thence to Paria Bay.....an estimated 7.5 to 8 hour hike and distance of 12.90 miles covered for this day before stopping off at the beach for the 1st night camp.


Morning of day 2 -: Depart Paria Bay and head into natural forest of Northern Range to "Brasso Seco Village" to enjoy an early country lunch. This hike forwards to another village "Lopinot" then into forest once again to another village "Caura" .  Camp by a stream for the night.  An estimated 9 hours of hiking and estimated distance of 20.40 miles accomplished today.


Morning of Day 3 -: Depart Caura Village and hike in deep forest to a village in Las Cuevas region called "Rincon Village". Head back into forest to a popular waterfall known as "Habio Falls", and also locally known as "Rincon Falls". Take a good rest,  enjoy a swim, eat, drink and relax a bit before setting off further into forest for the night. Estimated 4.75 hours of hiking and an estimated 7.95 miles fulfilled  on this day .


Morning of Day 4 -:  Continue this journey to nearby "Chorro Falls", known locally as "Habio Falls". Swimming here is optional before continuing to the summit of the second tallest peak of Trinidad and Tobago, "El Tucuche". At this juncture, day 4  objective was achieved.  Relax until it is time to set up hammocks for a last night in the wilderness.  Today an estimated 5 to 6 hours of hiking and 9.25 miles accomplished.


Final Day -: On the last day, head back to  El Tucuche and descend another side of the mountain that  eventually leads to  "Maracas Bay", which is the most popular beach in Trinidad. Once there, shower booths are available to facilitate a well deserved refreshing bath and then enjoy a "Bake and Shark Sandwich" together with a cold beverage before transportation arrives. Five days of camping, village hopping and becoming one with nature.

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Walk through untouched forests

View secluded beaches

Enjoy panoramic views

Feast on a country meal at Brasso Seco

Have bake and shark sandwich at Maracas Bay

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Bring along long/short trousers....change of clothes (ONLY what you need).

Bring along long/short sleeve tops.

Bring along extra pairs of socks, under-wear.

Wear shoes that can get wet and dry quickly during the expedition.

Have a cap/hat at all times and sun glasses to protect the eyes.  Also bring mosquito repellent and sun block lotion.

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5 days

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