Moon Over Manzan



Name of the Full Moon: " FULL HUNTERS MOON"


Meeting place: Eric Williams Medical Science Complex, Mount Hope

Meeting time: 4:00am SHARP

Estimated arrival time at the start of the walk: 6:00am

Estimated completion time of the walk: 9:00pm LATEST

The rating of this hike is (2) easy

A one of a kind beach walk. The tide forecast is that although the tide will be high during the time of our walk, due to this time of year, the high tide will not come all the way to the top of the shoreline, and even if that occurs, there is clear trail on higher grounds through the COCAL (Coconut Estate) that we can take throughout our journey. Oh yes folks.....we are talking about night walking in Manzanilla beach.For those wishing to wet their feet whilst walking along, you are absolutely free to do such.....just bring along a extra pair of shoes/slippers. 

We will be starting our beach walk after the Manzanilla Beach Resort and after a relaxing 2.5 mile walk along the sea shore, we can admire the beautiful full moon coming over the horizon into the darkened sky giving great light onto the entire a part of the experience. This walk should take the average walker for the very most 1 hour to complete pending things of interest along the shoreline. Now folks, one important thing to note here is that at this particular time of the year, under the full moon, crabs usually come out in their full from their nests and make their way to the sea to wash their eggs, so this should be a spectacle rest assured.

We conclude our walk onto a private estate that will be opened especially for us at a strategic point where the popular "NARIVA RIVER" meets the sea......a spectacular spot that is ideal for us to enjoy while our transport is there awaiting us. Persons wishing to take a nice warm river bath in the Nariva River will be free to enjoy such.

Duration & Cost

5 Hours pending on the rising moon time

Duration to Nariva River : 1 hour 30 minutes



TTD $150. per adult

Kindly make payment to any branch of Republic Bank Limited


In the name of "Nature Trekking in T&T"

Once payment is made, kindly Whats app or email a copy of the receipt as proof of payment

Persons wishing to make direct payments, touch base with me and arrangements will be made

Please note that persons making advanced payments will be acknowledged first and foremost

Attire & General Information

Wear long/short trousers.

Wear long/short sleeve tops. Bring along an extra cardigan if you can.

Wear hiking shoes/trainers/sandals with good grips under the soles. No slippers on this trek please.

Use a Backpack thereby keeping both hands totally free

Bring an umbrella with you in case of any unexpected may never know.

Bringing a flashlight/headlamp is vitally important for this expedition.

Bring along your snacks, sandwiches, juices, waters, coffee, tea in a thermos if you can.

Important Notice - Re: COVID-19

Due to the state of  this pandemic the Corona-virus epidemic, in order to maintain my usual high standard of service on to my fellow hikers and fitness enthusiasts, for this "Lunar....Tic Event", no more than "(10) ten hikers" will be entertained whatsoever. Safety, and security is NTITT's utmost prime focus and of course, your well-being will be monitored every step of the way throughout the duration of the expedition.


Please read the guidelines carefully that will be the order of the day:

  1. At the meeting point, you are to remain in your respective vehicles. I will entertain each of you by the car window.

  2. A 15 minute grace will be given for late comers. At 4:15pm, we depart Mount Hope to our destination. The objective here is to "START EARLY AND FINISH EARLY".

  3. Social distancing will be the order of the day throughout our walk and return.

  4. Wear your face mask if you so desire.