Santa Cruz to Las Cuevas Bay via El Tucuche

The rating of this hike is (8) Very difficult


This is simply a hike to remember. We start off in Gasparillo Village, Santa Cruz and head on up the Gasparillo Hill up a constant uphill until we reach to the summit (1.389 feet). Distance covered up to this point is 2 miles.

From the summit, we veer off the Gasparillo Hill and take the ridge all the way once again, constant uphill to the summit of Mt. Vigie which actually is between Santa Cruz and La Canoe (2,083 feet). Distance to this point is 2.7 miles.

From Mt. Vigie, we descend onto the summit of Loango Hill that separates Maracas Bay from Maracas Village (1,650 feet). At this point, we would've covered 3.2 miles.

We descend further downhill into "LLuengo Village" which is a nice chill spot to catch your breath and ready yourself for the second leg of our journey.



Departing Lluengo Village, we take a short cut that will bring us onto the Hobal Trace Road that is the pathway to the summit of El Tucuche Mountain. Steady uphill trekking all the way until we reach to the summit of the second tallest peak of Trinidad (3,072 feet). Distance covered to the summit is 6.9 miles. Another perfect chill spot to replenish.


From the summit, steady downhill trekking along some very steep and rocky parts and some good steady terrain until we eventually reach to (THE CROSS) on the summit of the El Cerro de Las Cuevas Bench Road (1,991 feet). Distance at this point is 8 miles.

Another short rest at this point and prep ourselves for the last bit of downhill trekking all the way to "Zorro Village" which is (115 feet) above sea level. Distance covered is 10.8 miles.



Last leg of the walk is strictly road walking along Zorro Road onto the Old Paria Main Road which ultimately leads us to Las Cuevas Beach. Distance covered here is 13.1 miles, half marathon distance this hike.

Duration & Cost

10 hours hiking in total


TTD $350. per person (8 persons maximum)

Payment is to be made at any branch of Republic Bank, Account # 320466690701 in the name of "Nature Trekking in T&T". Once payment is made and a receipt is given, kindly Whats app to 868-740-2860 or email to for confirmation thank you. Do remember, who pays first will get the preferential treatment.

Inclusive of transportation, full meal and beverages.


Wear long/short trousers......your choice

Wear long/short sleeve tops. No sleeveless.

Wear hiking shoes/trainers with good grips under the soles. No slippers or sandals please.

Use a backpack thereby keeping both hands totally free.

Bring along mosquito repellent.

Bring a change of clothing which will be left in the vehicles.