Persons wishing to acquire my services MUST make a 50% non-refundable deposit in the following account of any branch of Republic Bank of Trinidad and Tobago. After deposit is made, the receipt MUST either be screenshot to 740-2860 or emailed to "". Only then, your reservation with me will officially be confirmed.

Pending on if our confirmed date cannot be honored due to circumstances beyond our control, then a new date shall be set with the same deposit being made then, and the balance of the 50% will be made BEFORE our hike/tour.

Payment to be made to:

Republic Bank of Trinidad & Tobago

In the name of "Nature Trekking in T&T"

A/C# 320466690701

Checking Account if the question is asked by bank personnel

In maintaining my usual high standards of customer service, Nature Trekking in T&T will not entertain any more than (15) fifteen hikers on any given hike whatsoever. Registration for any hike MUST be money will be accepted whatsoever on the day of any hike.

In the forest, all trails are undulating.....meaning there are uphills and downhills, and hikers' fitness conditions are of course varies. As a result of this, of course, your host will at all times lead the hikes from start to finish hereby keeping the group together from a safety perspective. In a nutshell, the fastest hiker will be as slow as the slowest hiker.Kindly remember that hiking is all about de-stressing oneself in some instances, coming out to enjoy the outdoors, enjoying one another company, learning about the island and its area visited. Anyone coming on any given hike with Nature Trekking in T&T with the intention of power walking, running on the trails, being on their own simply because you already know the trail will not be entertained whatsoever, and will be dealt with accordingly. Remember, your Hike Master will always lead the hikes from start to finish as stated earlier.