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All-inclusive Services

Hello everybody. Welcome to a great experience with "Nature Trekking in T&T". Here's notifying you that these "Combo Tours/Hikes" are "ALL-INCLUSIVE".....all you bring on the day is just yourself and leave everything else up to me. With the exception of  "The Salt & Fresh (Beach/Waterfall) Boat Experience, the other tours are tailored specifically for 1 - 4 persons ONLY, due to the very steep uphills of Paramin, North Post and Fort George where 4-wheelers are capable of accomplishing such an undertaking. Nature Trekking in T&T also strives to deliver a personalised experience which is its hallmark. The "Salt & Fresh (Beach/Waterfall) Boat Experience requires at least (6) six persons per boat to make this tour a reality.

Take great advantage of this opportunity that is absolutely NOT on offer anywhere on this island.

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