Terms & Conditions

The following are terms and conditions of entry to Nature Trekking in T&T. These terms are not negotiable, and by accepting any entry to an event via Nature Trekking in T&T's registration system, and by paying the entry fees, you are hereby acknowledging your acceptance of our terms and conditions. (For participants under 18 years, a parent or guardian MUST accept).

WARNING: This is a legal document that affects your rights. If you are uncertain or uncomfortable with some of the conditions of registration when we recommend that you obtain advice to ensure that you understand and accept the conditions of entry.

I agree to participate in any event on the following basis:

I acknowledge that challenging treks involve the real risk of serious injury or even death from various causes including overexertion, equipment failure, dehydration, accidents with other participants, trail users or even weather conditions and other causes.

I understand that I should not participate in any challenging hiking event unless I have trained appropriately and will be in a fit state to complete the event safely. I acknowledge that if I am aware of an existing medical condition and uncertain of my state of fitness, then a medical practitioner should verify my physical condition.

By participating in any hike, I accept all risks necessarily flowing from my participation that could result in injury, loss of life or permanent injury. Accordingly, I release all persons or corporations associated directly or indirectly with the conduct of the event from all claims, demands and proceedings arising out of my participation, and I hereby indemnify them against all liability (including liability for their negligence and negligence of others) for all injury, loss or damage arising out of or connected with my participation in this event. This release shall extend to and include Nature Trekking in T&T, its members, event sponsors, event marshals and their respective directors, partners, managers, officers, agents, contractors, employees and volunteers including event medical and paramedical personnel. This release and indemnity continues forever and binds my heirs, executors, personal representatives and assigns.

Safety precautions undertaken by organizers (such as course supervision, event safety briefings, and other safety checks) are a service to me and other participants, but are not a guarantee of safety.

No refunds will be provided for event registration fees.

Event organizers may change the event format, course, or other event conditions at their discretion. If that occurs, this agreement applies to the changed conditions.

I agree that if the event is cancelled or postponed due to storm, rain, inclement weather, winds, or other "Act of God" conditions for safety concerns, or if I do not participate in the event for any other reason, my entry fee shall be non-refundable.

I certify that I will receive an event briefing prior to the event that I will view and abide by.

I acknowledge and consent to photographs and electronic images being taken of me before, during and after the event by an official representative of the event organizer. I acknowledge and agree that such photographs and electronic images are owned by the event organizer. The event organizer is not responsible for photographs and electronic images taken by persons who are not an official representative of the event organizer.

I acknowledge and consent to the event organizers providing my personal details (limited to event number, full name and email address) for the purpose of promoting photographs from the event. Nature Trekking will place photos from the event on their website.

I agree to my name and contact details being included on the event database which maybe used for commercial purposes. I acknowledge that Nature Trekking in T&T will automatically subscribe me to the monthly event email newsletter which contains important information and updates relating to events. I acknowledge that I may also receive communication from Nature Trekking in T&T. I can opt out at any time by clicking the relevant link in any of these communications.

I am fully responsible for the security of my personal possessions at the event including other valuable items within the event transition area. Nature Trekking in T&T will not be liable for replacement of any personal possessions.

I certify that I am 18 years of age or older and I have read this document and understand and accept the terms and conditions it contains.