Tour Tobago
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  'Rediscover Home' Adventure  

Thursday 29th September 2022  


Sunday 2nd October 2022

Tobago may be small in size but it packs a unique pocket of culture, wildlife and coastal landscapes, all best admired on foot.

Over the course of this four-day adventure, you’ll visit breathtaking beaches, see authentic everyday life in Tobago, explore popular as well as hidden trails, sail, visit a side of Tobago’s history and indulge in local cuisine. You’ll return home with endless stories and memories to last a lifetime.



THURSDAY 29TH september 2022

  • Arrival at The Naturalist Beach Resort in time for lunch.

  • After lunch, board our waiting bus as we head to Culloden.

    • A short 20 minute hike brings us to very little known Little Bay.

    • Low tide is at 12:10pm - ideal swimming here.

  • Head on back at the Resort for relaxation.

  • Thursday Bonfire on Castara Beach, next to the Resort after dinner.

  • Soft and hard beverages unlimited on offer at the dining area.

  • Dinner served at 7:00pm.

FRIDAY 30TH september 2022

  • Hikers having breakfast at 7:00am.

  • Non-hikers have breakfast between 7:00 - 8:30am.


  • Hikers depart The Naturalist Resort at 7:30am onboard the waiting bus bound for Speyside.

  • Hike starts at Speyside Lookout bound for Pirates Bay in Charlotteville.


  • Non-hikers depart The Naturalist Resort at 9:30am for Charlotteville where they board their waiting boat bound for Pirates Bay.


  • When the hikers arrive at Pirates Bay, fish/chicken will be grilled on the beach, together with selected salads and side dishes to be determined by our local chef.

    • Low tide is scheduled at 12:51pm.

    • Soft and hard beverages unlimited in separate coolers on offer all day.


  • Upon departure from Pirates Bay, hikers walk out to the jetty at Charlotteville while the Non-hikers take the boat back to the jetty.


  • Depart Charlotteville back to Castara.

  • Dinner served at 7:00pm

SATURDAY 1st october 2022

  • Breakfast between 7:00 - 8:30am. 

  • Depart Castara at 9:00am bound for Parlatuvier.

    • Hikers hike to Big and Small Parlatuvier Waterfalls.

    • Non-hikers are escorted to the quiet side of Parlatuvier Beach.

  • Depart Parlatuvier for Kings Bay Waterfalls for a short period.

  • Depart Kings Bay Falls to Speyside where we dine at Bird Watchers Restaurant.


  • A short boat ride to beautiful Indian Bay to our leisure for the afternoon.

    • Low tide is at 1:37pm.

  • Return to Castara.

  • Dinner served at 7:00pm.

    • Soft and hard beverages unlimited in separate coolers on offer all day.

SUNDAY 2nd october 2022

  •  Breakfast between 7:30 - 8:30am.

  • At 9:00am, we take a nice hike to upper and lower Castara Waterfalls.

    • Great swimming at lower Castara Falls.

    • Non-hikers, a last sea bath at Castara Bay.

  • Early lunch at the resort before we make our way back to the port/airport.

All-Inclusive cost indicated below includes accommodation in accordance to the type of rooms available, PLUS the following services below:

  • Buffet breakfast at the Resort on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

  • Catered lunches from Thursday 29th September to Sunday 02nd October which includes Pirates Bay Beach Lunch in Charlotteville on Friday 30th September and lunch at Bird Watchers Restaurant in Speyside on Saturday 01st October.

  • Catered dinners at the Resort on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

  • Maxi transport from Castara to Culloden and return on Thursday 29th September.

  • Maxi transport from Castara to Speyside. Pickup from Charlotteville and return to Castara (HIKERS) on Friday 30th September.

  • Maxi transport from Castara to Charlotteville and return (NON-HIKERS) on Friday 30th September.

  • Maxi transport from Castara to Parlatuvier, Delaford, Speyside and return to Castara on Saturday 01st October.

  • Boat transport from Charlotteville jetty to Pirates Bay and return (NON-HIKERS).

  • Boat transport from Speyside jetty to Indian Bay and return.

  • Open bar at the dining area at the resort on Thursday, Friday, Saturday afternoon/evening and Sunday morning.

  • Open bar whilst at Pirates Bay, Charlotteville.

  • Open bar whilst at Indian Bay, Castara.



Persons wishing to participate in NTITT’s activities or events are asked to follow our payment method, ONLY then are your reservations officially confirmed.

Payment Process


  • Salmon Room (3 persons): $9,200.

    • (2 persons): $6,500.

  • Kingfish Room (2 persons): $7,000.

  • Dolphin Room (2 persons): $7,200.

  • Blue Marlin Room (2 persons): $8,500.

  • Crow’s Nest Room (2 persons): $7,500.

  • Whale Room (3 persons): $10,600.

    • (2 persons): $8,000.

  • Crow’s Nest & Whale Room (5 persons): $18,000.

  • Shark Room (6 persons): $21,600.

  • 15% downpayment guarantees your preferred room and spot for the Tour Tobago Like Never Before.

    •  10% of this payment is non-refundable.

  • Monday 01st August, at least 75% of monies towards the tour must be paid in accordance to the room chosen.

  • Deadline for final payments is Thursday 15th September 2022.

Persons making the initial down-payment or full payment will be placed on a special WhatsApp group, so that the latest developments pertaining to the tour will be communicated.

For traveling purposes:

  • Persons traveling to and from Tobago via the ferry, here’s notifying you that my contact in Tobago  will be doing up the tickets for you.

    • The only info that is needed is:

      • Your full name

      • Vehicle Number

      • Type of Vehicle 


  • Persons traveling to and from Tobago via aircraft, you will have to make your own arrangements in     obtaining your tickets.

    • Kindly book your ticket early so that you get a morning flight so that you can reach at the Resort in  time for lunch and the early afternoon tour/short hike at a very secluded beach. 

    •  Upon departure from The Naturalist on Sunday, it is recommended that you seek to get an early afternoon flight on Sunday where you can depart for the airport between 1:00 - 2:00pm.


  • For further information on our Cancellation Policy. Click here