Salt & Fresh Boat Tour (EAST)

Salt & Fresh Boat Tour (EAST)


Best & only times to visit this secluded beach: May - October 

Journey on a pirogue (boat) to these secluded beaches, enjoy the breathtaking views, swim and be awed by numerous offerings of nature on this trip, on this side of the island.

Assemble at the "Look-Out" on the North Coast Road at 8:00 am SHARP and drive as a convoy to Blanchisseuse. We reach in Blanchisseuse for 9:00 am. Park and walk through the "Fishing Depot" to our appointed boat(s) by the jetty.

In calm waters, the boat journey takes a maximum time of 25 minutes to arrive at our first stop "Grand Tacaribe Bay". This body of water is astounding. Calm, blue waters, white sand and remarkable vistas are not to be missed. It's a fantastic beach to spend great time with friends and family. One hour is spent here at Grand Tacaribe Bay.

Second stop off is at the popular "Paria Bay". On this beach, we take an easy 20 minute walk (one way) to a well hidden waterfall that is really great for a swim. Emerald green waters for your enjoyment. One hour and a half is spent at the waterfall and the beach combined.

Third stop off is at the very little and rarely frequented "Senna Bay". Getting here, folks are offered the opportunity in both taking a cool and refreshing 40 minute hike from Paria Bay to Senna Bay, or for those wishing not to hike, can take the boat. This beach is an absolute gem of a bay where forest completely surrounds us. The perfect hideaway to be enjoyed away from society.  

Bring food/snacks but soft carbonated beverages, a mixture of waters, and juices will be provided.

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a)   Isolated beaches and waterfall awaits you

b)  Swim in the sky blue waters

d)  Relax peacefully on this beach

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Wear beach wear/swim

Bring along a change of clothesBook Now


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TTD $3,800. 

8 persons per boat maximum

Children 12 years and under: TTD $275.


(1- 4 persons): TTD $600.

(5- 8 persons): TTD $1,200.

NOTE: Cost includes: Boat fare, Soft beverages, Professional Tour Guide Services

To be guaranteed of services 50% down-payment (non-refundable) MUST be paid in advance.

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9 hours

Pick up time Monday to Sunday: 8:00am

Drive time from North Coast Road to Blanchisseuse - 45 minutes

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