Cocoa tour at Brasso Seco (All-inclusive)

Cocoa tour at Brasso Seco (All-inclusive)


If you are looking for an informative tour, local cuisine and a dance all wrapped up in one, then don't miss this tour. It will certainly be an indelible experience.

Welcome to Brasso Seco, a little cocoa village. While here, grasp the opportunity to witness the entire cocoa production process. It starts with Trinidad's finest cocoa pods from cocoa trees and finally the finished product of Brasso Seco's home- made chocolate bars.

The tour entails a journey to the cocoa house, a walk through the cocoa estate, while one of the villagers provides detailed information about cocoa fields. Walk to the roof-top of the cocoa house, and see cocoa pods laid out in the sun. At this stage of the tour, take the opportunity to actually "Dance the Cocoa" and also sample the rich taste of the sweet pods.

Upon completion, journey to Brasso Seco, the main village and another site guide will explain the initial and final stage of chocolate production. Then proceed to the Community Center, to now witness the entire process.

Taste many varieties of chocolates before departing to the breezy Visitors Center.  There a local lunch is proudly and tastefully prepared by village folks. Feast on fine cuisine consisting of: Boiled provisions, vegetable rice, smoked chicken/fish (your choice), dhalalloo, salad and freshly made fruit juice from a seasonal fruit.  Savor the rich cocoa ice-cream for dessert.

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Tour an actual cocoa field

Experience the cocoa drying process

Taste the raw cocoa

Tour of a small chocolate factory and experience the entire chocolate production

Taste the different flavors of chocolate

Enjoy great village cuisine

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Wear comfortable clothes

If the weather is inclement, it is advised to bring an umbrella.

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TTD $2,000. 

4 persons maximum


(1- 4 persons): TTD $750.

Cost includes tour, chocolate tasting and full lunch/cocoa dessert at Brasso Seco Village

Authentic cocoa products on sale at the "Visitors Center"

To be guaranteed of services 50% down-payment (non-refundable) MUST be paid in advance.

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8 hours

Pick up time Monday to Sunday: 8:00am

Drive time from P.O.S. to Brasso Seco Village - 2 hours

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