Northern Range Circle Tour (All-inclusive)

Northern Range Circle Tour (All-inclusive)



Lunch in Morne La Croix

Hike to Grand Fond Waterfalls

Bake and Shark Sandwich treat at Maracas Bay

Optional swim at Maracas Bay


This is the crème de la crème tour of Trinidad. Drive through the very historical Borough of Arima and rain forest. Lap up panoramic views of the Northern Range and take memorable photos of beautiful vistas of various valleys on the route.

Transportation is available from your place of stay and back. Enjoy the drive and eventually stop at a very quaint village called “Morne La Croix” and have a three (3) course local meal at the Richmond’s cozy home. If time permits, Mrs. Richmond can be easily coerced into giving a tour of her well-maintained flower garden.

        Drive time from P.O.S. to Morne La Croix: 3 hours

Duration at Morne La Croix (lunch & socializing): 1.5 hours

The second official stop is in another very small village called “Avocar Village”. Park at my good friend, who I affectionately call "Pops" and take a short, interesting walk to Marianne River that leads to “Grand Fond Waterfalls”. It is however, locally known as "Avocat Waterfalls". Swim and have fun at the falls. 

       Drive time to Avocar Village: 1 hour

IMPORTANT: At Avocar Village, change into hiking outfit....i.e., short trousers, shoes/sandals and an extra jersey. Please note this is a water trek, therefore clothing will most certainly be drenched after the hike.  Walk with a change of clothing which will be left in the vehicle.

Duration at the waterfall: 1 hour

Finally arrive at Maracas Bay” and have a fill of the world's famous “Bake and Shark Sandwich”. It is a "MUST HAVE”, together with a cold beverage. If time permits, take a short swim at Maracas beach or even walk on sandy sea-shores and admire scenic mountains that surround the bay. 

           Drive time from Avocar Village to Maracas Bay: 1.25 hours


                           Duration time at Maracas Bay: 1 hour


                 Drive time from Maracas Bay to P.O.S.: 45 minutes

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Drive through rain forest on the Arima/Blanchisseuse Road.

Enjoy the panoramic views of the lower ends of the Northern Range.

Feast on the delicious local cuisine at Morne La Croix.

Swim in the fantastic waterfall.

Experience bake and shark with a cold beverage.

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Wear comfortable clothes and swim-wear.

Bring an extra pair of footwear as shoes worn for hiking will definitely get wet.  Trekking through river waters is inevitable on this tour.

Bring along towels.

Must bring a change of clothing.

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TTD $1,650: 1 person

TTD $825: 2 persons each

TTD $550: 3 persons each

TTD $415: 4 persons each



 TTD $675: 1 person

 TTD $338: 2 persons each

TTD $225: 3 persons each

TTD $170: 4 persons each

To be guaranteed of services 50% down-payment (non-refundable) MUST be paid in advance.


Special rates available for groups of more than 5 persons

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10 hours

Weekly pick-up time from Sunday to Monday: 8:00am

Estimated time to return to Port of Spain: 6:00pm

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