Southern Historical Tour

Southern Historical Tour



Welcome to the "Petroleum Capital" of Trinidad and Tobago where unlike the Northern parts, Southern Trinidad is the hub that mainly supplies oil, gas and gas related products.

Travel to "La Brea" and visit the "Pitch Lake", which is a wonder of this world. It's a location in Trinidad where asphalt actually grows from the ground. On entering the compound, the main Site Guide greets and gives a detailed educational tour around the facilities. The entire process, which involves  extracting of asphalt from the ground to exporting the product is superbly conveyed.

There is also a pictorial museum of the facilities which details information from inception to present day. It has interesting pictures of people who contributed to the evolving of the Lake.

The second stop is at "San Fernando Hill", formerly known as "Anaparima - Single Hill". Historically, this hill was formerly visited by the Amerindians. Enjoy the beautiful vistas, relax for a short period while general information about San Fernando and other areas are revealed.

Between the second and third tours, stop for curried lunch.

The third and final trip in Southern Trinidad is at "Wild Fowl Trust". It's a bird's paradise that is actually located right smack in the middle of an oil refinery. Friendly Site Guides are there to greet and give a tour around the premises. Admire various species of birds that frequent this luscious facility. 
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Get aerial views of San Fernando.

Enjoy the 8t wonder of the world.....asphalt actually growing off the ground.

Enjoy seeing the birds in their natural habitat.

Eat a sumptuous curried lunch.

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Attire comfortably.

Bring an extra pair of flip flops, as the Pitch Lake can be wet in certain parts.

Bring an extra shirt or jersey, just in case a change is required.

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TTD $1,400. (USD $205.): 1- 4 persons


(1- 4 persons): TTD $675. (USD $90.)

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7 hours

Pick up time Monday to Friday: 8:00am

Estimated time back in Port of Spain: 3:00pm

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