El Cerro De Las Cuevas Mountain, Trinidad




  • The usual, we meet opposite Clem’s place at WASA’s vacant yard for 3:00pm SHARP.

  •  We proceed to Morne Cocoa Road and we walk along this road to Le Platte Village, up to Cameron Hill.

  • We trek up this hill to Cameron Village.

  • We trek further through Cameron Village until we reach to Petit Valley side of the village and there we turn around and proceed how we came.

  • When we reach Morne Roche Road, we take this route downhill back to Morne Cocoa Road.

  • We proceed to Morne René Road and make our way uphill here onto the outskirts of Cacao Village.


  • We proceed onto La Belle Vie Village onto La Finette Road, through Meyah river and onwards to upper Saut D’eau Road.

  • Trek all the way from there downhill to Fatima Junction and opposite the church we take the Fatima Extension Road and we take the “CHIN SCRAPER HILL” that leads us onto Beau Près Road and from there, downhill back to our parked vehicles. 

  • Yes Pumpers……walk to make yuh chest heave after. 

  • Definitely not a walk for the kinda fit person whatsoever and once again to the curious interested parties……..you got to be fit to partake in these walks and not treat these walks as a means of getting fit. You will be left behind. 


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Everyone will be thoroughly guided so all will go smoothly. At the conclusion, all photos specific to  the event will be shared solely with this group. The chat group will be dissolved thereafter.